The Healing Agenda – Aeon Health & Bioenergetic Healing

by Ryan Hook | June 30, 2020

Aeon in Greek means life or eternity. There are other contexts for this word, but the concept of eternity and life are what Maximilian Waid, founder of Aeon Health, concentrates on in his healing practice. Waid was born in Germany, and spent his 20’s travelling, and working as an advertiser. He later earned a physiotherapy degree, and went to school in Australia. He’s done a lot of things, but he says he’s finally found a life purpose––helping others heal themselves.


When Waid discusses how he came to healing as a profession, he says that he and other practitioners' journeys start in much the same way. “People don’t necessarily get into health care because they’ve always lived a healthy life,” he told me, “Rather, they’ve been in pain before, and are looking for a way to heal.” 

Waid’s journey started with his personal healing process. While he was living, working, and studying in Australia he started experiencing chronic pain in his hips and back, “It came out of the blue,” he said, “I woke up and I had it.” He tried ignoring the pain, figuring that it would probably go away, but Waid’s lifestyle in Australia didn’t facilitate anything ‘just going away’. His lifestyle was hustle and bustle as an advertiser, and the stress was relentless, so the pain persisted. 

Eventually, Waid began looking for answers, “I was diagnosed, yet with no solution,” he said, “So I thought if Western medicine can’t help, I’ll look for alternatives.” Waid’s solution would come in the form of bioenergetic healing, “I started to see practitioners that were using energy to heal, and being interested in quantum physics, I was intrigued.” With the help of bioenergetic healing Waid’s pain started to subside, and then surprisingly, he found his life’s purpose, which Waid describes as “Bringing the concept of energy [forward] as a way to heal the general public.” 

Bioenergetic healing is fairly new to the West. It’s a branch of medicine focused on the energy levels in your body. Bioenergetic healing was founded by Alexander Lowen and is rooted in the teachings of William Reich. Waid defines it as “The study, detection, and correction of energy fields, as well as the flow of energies in living systems.” Waid uses the Chinese Meridian System and Chakra alignment to complement the system created by Lowen. Waid said that while, “It’s not known in the general public, people are looking for alternatives, especially [people] with chronic pain.” 

Waid doesn’t dismiss the functionality of Western medicine, he says, “Western medicine is good for acute things; but alternatives, like energy healing, [are] great for chronic pain and psychosomatic healing.” Waid said he’s “not a miracle worker” but rather, a person who “inspires others to heal themselves.”  

To enhance the functionality of bioenergetic healing, Waid uses a bioresonance scanner. A bioresonance scanner is an energy detection device. Electrodes are placed on the skin and hooked up to a machine that reads the energy wavelengths coming from the body. This is the process of “diagnosis” within bioenergetic healing. The machine helps clients visualize the energy in their body. While research in bioenergetic healing has been limited, some studies have reported positive results with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies

Waid’s healing journey put him on the path to helping others on their healing journey’s. He said, “There were many patterns that guided me in this direction. To go from advertising––a field dominated by narcissism––to healing, has been humbling.” Waid’s hope is that one day he’ll no longer have clients because the goal he has for the people he works with is that they “believe in their abilities to heal.”  In Waid’s words, “We all have a healing agenda.” 

Ryan Hook


Ryan Hook is a writer, photographer, musician, and spoken word poet. Born in St.Albert and living in Edmonton, Alberta, his mission is to bring Sound and Story. He has worked as a music journalist for Vue Weekly, BeatRoute, and Exclaim! as well as been a published short story writer. When he's not writing he is an accomplished songwriter and recording artist for his band, Baby Boy and the Earthly Delights. Whether it's writing, music, or travelling, he bides by the philosophy that life is a playground and nothing is off limits.