About LifestyleGenix

The fitness world is oversaturated with programs and diets that are full of restrictions, rules and guidelines. They get in the way of life and force us to sacrifice all the things we love. I’ve been there, and let’s be real – If we give up our social lives and the things that makes us happy, we’ll never stick to our fitness goals.

That’s why I’ve developed plans that encourages you to ‘Work hard. Play Hard’. I know life is all about balance, because that’s how I live mine. I’m here to preach what I practice. You must train your mind to believe that your body can become whatever you want it to be. Once you change your habits you’ll see that change reflected in your body. And I’ll be there every step of the way giving you the customization you need for total success. With my personalized meal plans, workouts, and lifestyle hacks, you’ll be able to get fit while STILL having a fun and full life – you’ll never have to sacrifice one for the other again.

We're In This Together!

Get ready to transform your body, and your mindset. Together we’re going to change the way you think about diet and training. No more depriving, only thriving..

The most powerful muscle you can train is your mind. When you believe in yourself –the results follow. And I’ll be there every step of the way supporting and providing you with the customization for total success.

Today is the day. The day you’ll remember. The day you decide to take control. Today is the day everything changes..

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!