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  • Ameenah Thobani - A healing journey from science to spirituality

    by Stacy Thomas

    Practitioner Spotlight – Ameenah Thobani Born in Karachi, Pakistan, reiki master Ameenah Thobani was introduced to the amazing benefits of meditation very early on in her life. As a young child, Thobani was up for 4 a.m. meditation every day with her parents, and this daily practice turned out to ...

  • Sweet As "Honey" - Life as a Wellness Association Fundraiser

    by Stacy Thomas

    You see them outside grocery stores. You see them at malls. You see them at trade shows, conventions and fair grounds. Anywhere the public goes, you will find them standing at tables, smiling, reaching out, and most likely asking for donations. They are fundraisers, and while they all have the ...