Ameenah Thobani - A healing journey from science to spirituality

by Stacy Thomas | May 7, 2020

Practitioner Spotlight – Ameenah Thobani

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, reiki master Ameenah Thobani was introduced to the amazing benefits of meditation very early on in her life.

As a young child, Thobani was up for 4 a.m. meditation every day with her parents, and this daily practice turned out to be the guidepost that showed her the way and sparked her journey into mental and spiritual healing—a path that would eventually lead her to be an alternative medicine practitioner in the discipline of reiki and many others.

At 18, while meditating, Thobani had a life changing experience when she caught a “past life glimpse” of herself.

“It was definitely horrifying, scary, confusing, but at the same time, a quest of what is. Then the journey began for me.”

Pursuing what she then recognized as her calling, she veered away from traditional religion to look for answers. First, she dove into hypnotherapy with a teacher in Pakistan who she worked with for three years. But she was still at the budding stage of her education.

“I won’t say that I understood the concept of the spirituality aspect,” she said. “I was diving into the mental aspect of things, like law of attraction, how you can visualize things, how you can manifest physical, material stuff. I was still on that level.”

Then, she explored the Silva Method, a program of meditation based around rigorous training and strengthening of the mind’s subconscious. It was this training that saw Thobani walking on fire, not once but twice; once in 2003 and again in 2007. She says these experiences gave her profound confidence— “when I can walk on fire I can do anything.”

But throughout all of this training, Thobani says, she was still only focussing on the scientific aspects of healing and therapy. There was more to learn, to open up to.

“I was always looking for scientific reasons. But still I was not going deeper, diving deeper into the spiritual world,” she says. “I did have a glimpse when I first started, but I didn’t pay attention to the spiritual side of it. I was just thinking it’s the mind, and it’s my DNA that is carrying the memory of my past—science has proved that your DNA carries information through seven generations.”

That all changed when Thobani’s mother passed away in 2005 and she was set in a new, deeper direction that ended up adding a whole new spiritual dimension to her healing practice.

“When my mom passed away, that was a time when I got the chance to look into that dimension. I felt my mom’s energy around me. It was a very different kind of experience. And then I realized that I’m a clairsentient. I can feel people’s energy. It was always there, but I had never paid attention to it.”

Just like how a clairvoyant is someone who sees things intuitively, a clairsentient is a person who feels intuitively.

“I usually know by looking at people. By coming into their energy, I somehow know about them. I started paying attention to that power.”

That was when she started “reading” her friends and acquaintances, got positive feedback, and knew this was a new path she should pursue.

She started studying reiki in 2005 and began applying her combined skills and therapies together; a unique mode of treatment that her clients said was “freeing”.

“When I combine mental-strength level therapies with the spiritual-aspect therapies like energy, then I totally get wonderful results,” Thobani says.

In 2011 she became a reiki master, a mode which she says is not so much a status or certification but a state of being. She says experience, knowledge, and a state of gratitude are necessary to truly become a master practitioner on a spiritual level. She even uses these concepts to instill kindness, thoughtfulness, and openness in her three children.

“I personally think that I am raising them as humans. We are open to all, and that is the best part and beauty when you are teaching children about oneness and humanity.”

Thobani has brought her practice to Vancouver, B.C., where she works from her home studio and also does online therapy sessions.

“Vancouver is a place that is rich with all the natural forces. When there is a combination of mountains and forest and water, it gives you a tremendous amount of energy that elevates you spiritually.”

She continues to learn and to enrich herself as an alternative medical practitioner and healer, most lately in rapid transformational therapy. Energy cleansing, chakra cleansing, hypnotherapy, reiki, spiritual coaching—all combined uniquely for each client.

“I have experienced and lived all kinds of life, where I would say that all levels have been satisfied. Then comes the self-actualization, where you don’t run after material stuff, you just settle down for the soul purpose.” And her soul purpose is to just be. Be human, raise good humans, and help others.

“We all are human and we are all together in this. And imperfection is perfection. Only god or divine is perfect. We all are learning differently in every step we are taking.”

-Stacy Thomas